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DadaQuarium's Exotica: The E-space of the formidable Johan DaDa Vis, Exoticat extrordinaire and creator of FANTASTICA, a stunning series of radio programs of rare and beautiful exotica mulled together into an amazing sound collage. Anyone into record collecting will want to bookmark his reviews and roundup of issues and reissues. Email him and thank him for the wonderful work that he does! (These shows are often featured on my SHOUTCAST server)

The Butt Page: You have NO IDEA how many people slip in the shower every year and end up in the hospital emergency room with stuff stuck "up the down staircase." This will link you to the most complete and accurate archive of REAL cases. Some even are accompanied by X-rays of the problem.

Dewey Webb Page Confidential: The always-interesting extra supplement to the Phoenix New Time's fine web-site. This page aspires to be "Your personal guide to pulp culture in all it's dazzling and queasy forms." It suceeds in a very big way. Do follow the link to the New Time's home-page. It will make you wish you lived in Phoenix. (Or do you?)

Vinyl Lives!: the face behind this place is the guy NPR called when the did a story on the 50th anniversary of the LP. David Letterman leans on him to come up with goofy bisquits for his "Dave's Record Collection bit." Be sure to subscribe to the most-excellent ExoticaEtcetera his paper-only zinealog of hundreds of rare, desirable, and weird wax. He gets the GOOD stuff!

Jack Diamond Music: Jack is a too-cool cat who is ALWAYS is where it's at. He scans album covers for you to dig. He's got A-friggan-MAZING vinyl for sale that smell like cigarettes and incense when the postman brings 'em to your door. He knows all kindsa interesting stuff about Jazz, Exotica, Incredibly Strange Music, Beatnik, Spy...whatever. It's his bag, and you're invited to peek inside. He's got a gig at KFJC too.

Baby Doe is Obsessed: This Dishy chick combines her knack for web-design (I think it's her day job) with her penchant for objet's de kitcsh: Tiki's, Sewing patterns (fascinating...I SWEAR!) I am particularly fond of a feature called "Servin' Stars:" Anecdotes of celebrities and their public dining behaviour.

Kitty62Ville: A grab-bag of wonderfulness that is an ongoing fascination of mine. Found letters, found photos, "Mondo Micro," the cinema of the insect world, and a new feature "Way Out Takes," recordings of people - mostly celebs - just being themselves. Knitting patterns too! Sh's a seminal member of the Philadelphia phenom Big Mess Orchestra to boot! A visit to her link page is mandatory.

Scuba Girl: Not really sure how to approach describing this one. My mad-scientist friend Mark Sanders is behind this site, and I never fully understand what he is on about. It's some amazing eye-candy, but the meaning can be a little hard to get at. Meaning is overrated anyway.




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